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Novy Cas

No adventure in Bratislava is complete without experiencing (and embracing) the Slovak language itself. Slovak, a West Slavic language, is closely related to Czech and Polish and spoken by 6 million people. Why not bring some of that language home?

Bring home some Slovak

We recommend purchasing one of the local newspapers for a few SKKs or (for serious Cheapos) picking up a free used issue. You could find them on a bench by Ganymede’s Fountain, a seat on the bus, or anywhere else around town.

Sure your could pick up a copy of The Slovak Spectator, the English speaking news magazine, at the city’s central square, Hviezdoslavovo nám. That would be understandable (literally!). However, we’d suggest opting for a copy of the economic Hospodarske Noviny, the gossipy Novy Cas or Katolicke Noviny, the Catholic paper. These would serve as a more adventurous souvenir once you’ve returned to your native tongue.

While you’re at it…

While you are busy finding newspapers on park benches, pick up free brochures in Slovak at the Bratislava Castle, the Slovak National Gallery and the Primate’s Palace, or any other destination with free guides to offer.

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Kari Hoerchler

En junio 2000, Kari moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and never looked back...until she ran out of pesos. After another round of bank riots, the travel lady bug moved to more stable financial ground: Wall Street. (Hey, no laughing!) Currently the Listings Manager for Over There Interactive for cold, hard cash, she is also a co-author of The Maneater Murder Mystery Series and Venue Goddess for Lit Crawl NYC.

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2 thoughts on “Bratislava cheap souvenir: Slovak newspapers”

  1. Hi Nicky and Susanne,

    Thanks for the correction. We’ll change it now. We obviously got our Slovaks and Slavics confused! (We won’t do it again.)

    Yes, count on us for more language posts. We have many more cities to push through on our “Cheapo Souvenir” tour. Stay tuned… and keep an eye on us! We benefit from your purist ways.


  2. Dobry den, EuroCheapos! Aha… we spot a little linguistic error in your accolade to the Slovak media so, being the purists we are on such such matters, we cannot resist pointing it out.

    Our beloved Slovak is a West Slavic language, and not in the Western Slovak language group (which does not exist). As you imply, it is closely related to other cognate languages, of which the three principal living tongues are Czech, Polish and Sorbian.

    Dakujem za Vas cas. Dovidenia.

    PS: Could we have more on languages in EuroCheapo? They are after all the most immediately recognisable hallmark of many European cultures.


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