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The best of rural rides. Photo © hidden europe
The best of rural rides. Photo © hidden europe

Blending in, being part of the crowd, comes naturally to EuroCheapos. Where others rely on cabs, the savvy Cheapo traveler knows the value of local buses. Regular tourists often cannot be bothered to check routes and schedules, but across many parts of Europe the local bus is a real delight — a chance to see the landscape the way the locals do.

Britain is blessed with a superb network of local bus services, criss-crossing the country to serve even remote villages and country roads. Buses are often civil and sociable spaces. With a rotating cast of characters as folk board and alight along the way, the bus is both a stage for theatre and a community on wheels.

Write about buses

Now we need your help. If you live in Britain, or if you have visited Britain and savoured local bus travel, then we would like you to write for us. Last year, Bradt Travel Guides published Bus-Pass Britain, a compendium of articles celebrating the best of British bus journeys.

Now we are on the hunt for bus routes that deserve inclusion in a second book, due for publication in 2013. Naturally, the publisher offers a small fee for all routes accepted for inclusion in the book.

How to submit

Are you up for it? At this stage we just need the outline of an idea. See precisely what’s needed in the call for submissions. Please do read the details there very carefully.

The deadline for sending in details of your proposed route is November 15. Just e-mail your ideas to us at Of course we shall reply to every suggestion.

In December we shall notify would-be authors whether their route is accepted for inclusion in the book, and we’ll then be looking to receive final texts by late February. You don’t need to be a published writer. Indeed, we are very keen to receive proposals from folk who have never seen their name in print. Bloggers are welcome to climb aboard too, of course! All we need are folk who can write with passion and enthusiasm about a bus route they know well.

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