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Manneken Pis souvenirs

Almost every visitor to Brussels finds themselves at some point standing and smiling at the city’s famous “Manneken Pis” statue, which depicts a youngster cheerfully peeing into a fountain basin.

Cheapo-friendly Manneken Pis memorabilia flood the streets of Brussels. While large statues can be expensive and too heavy to carry, smaller and cheaper versions are easy to pack and will likely provide plenty of laughs for the folks back home. With a little hunting, you might also find some freebies…

Let’s hear it for the little squirt

In the case of the Manneken Pis, toilet humor is historically justified. There are several legends about the meaning of the statue, most of which involve a small boy urinating on armies attacking Brussels and thus saving the day.

This bronze statue was cast in 1619 by sculptor Jerome Duquesnoy and is located at the corner of Rue de l’Étuve & Eikstraat, very near the Grand Place. Needless to say, the fountain is one of the city’s most famous attractions.

Replicas and pee-themed souvenirs are celebrated city-wide. Entire stores are devoted to M.P. memorabilia. Some of our favorite items include:

• Manneken Pis Belgian white beer
• Manneken Pis butane lighter
• Manneken Pis postcards depicting the boy in various costumes
• Manneken Pis shot glass
• Manneken Pis corkscrew

You can preview these souvenirs above, but know that you’ll be able to find cheaper versions from street vendors or shops in town.

While you’re at it…

If you find yourself eating some of those famous Belgian fries or waffles, check out the napkins. You might find depictions of the Manneken Pis you can take home for free.

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  1. Loved the post! I haven’t been to Brussels, but was this guy the true inspiration for all the pick up truck decals that I always thought were Calvin (of Hobbes) fame?


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