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According to the experts, Belgians eat approximately 20 pounds of chocolate per year. (That’s the size of our family cat!)There’s no arguing then that we’re far behind on our cocoa intake and must catch up. We’re happy to know that while we’re getting our fix, too, we can also tour many of the chocolatiers (called chocolateries in Brussels)—where exhibits, tours of the facilities, and workshops in candy-making abound.

So, make sure your sweet tooth doesn’t go sour and check out four of Brussel’s best bet chocolate shops.

1) Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate
9, Rue de la Tete d’Or

Only a short distance from the Grand Place, the Brussel’s museum of chocolate will not only show you how chocolate is made, but teach you how to make some of your own. We’d opt for the demonstration titled, “How To Make a Praline” (everyday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)  It’s €5 to enter; €4 for students.

2) Planete Chocolat
24, Rue du Lombard

Sugar pies, ice cream, and hot chocolates in all flavors are made available at this chocolaterie. Take a tour of the museum first and learn the history and art of chocolate-making, followed by a tasting session. During the summer months, enjoy all your tasty treats outside on the terrace from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Contact the property for prices and tour availability.

3) Chocolaterie Duval
19, Rue des Chardons

Located only a stone’s throw away from Place Meiser, Chocolaterie Duval makes their own chocolate daily and personalizes it upon request too! The chocolaterie tour costs €3 per person, unless you want a guide (€40 and recommended for large groups). Workshops and specialty classes (like “Chocolate and Wine“) are also available.

4) Maison du Chocolat Artisanal
67, Rue Marche-aux-Herbes

Aiming to offer “the best chocolates from the master chocolate makers of Belgium,” Maison is just a short walk away from the Grand Place on a cute little street. The “House of Artful Chocolate” offers a cornucopia of Belgian goodies from pralines, to truffles, to marzipan.  A box of five chocolates will set you back €5 here, but it’s well worth it. Yum.

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3 thoughts on “Brussels: Four chocolate shops to splurge for”

  1. We went to the chocolate factory DUVAL in brussels and it was an intersting stop you provided us with. We asked if it was possible to buy chocolates and we received a small chocolate course before buying. Original products with origin chocolates. Prices are cheaper as the Neuhaus or Godiva Shops. (good work Cheapo)

  2. SmellWhatI'mCooking

    Yum!!! This made me salivate so much that I had to go out on my lunch break and buy a Snickers bar. Too bad it’s not nearly as good as what I imagine these Brussels chocolates taste like.


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