Brussels: Anima 2009, the annual animated film fest!

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Ralph Bakshi's "Fritz the Cat" in action, courtesy of Anima '09
Ralph Bakshi's "Fritz the Cat" in action, courtesy of Anima '09

It’s well known that Brussels is a go-to when it comes to cartoons, comic strips, and animation. One need only browse the halls of the infamous Belgian Comic Strip Center to see that loveable characters like Tintin were first given life here.

Now in its 28th year, the Belgian Anima 2009 Festival, hosted in Brussels, is a huge draw for tourists, comic art professionals, and fans of animated characters and films. The event kicks off February 20th with a costume contest (come dressed as your favorite character!) and runs through February 28th.

‘Toon in!

Highlights of this year’s fest include screenings of top-notch film favorites like Wallace and Gromit, The Smurfs, and Pinocchio (which will be airing once during the week in French and at another time in Dutch). American films are screened in English with French subtitles.

New this year, Academy Award nominees like Waltz with Bashir and Wall-E, as well as a tribute to the creator of Fritz the Cat, Ralph Bakshi, plus a master class with Pixar guru Kyle Balda.

Comical details

The festival takes place in the beautiful neighborhood known as Ixelles (south of Brussels’ city center). See our hotel recommendations here.

If you plan to see more than a few flicks, we recommend going for the five-ticket billet. It costs €25 (that’s €10 cheaper than if you buy separate tickets at a cost of €7 per screening).

Groups and students under 26-years, as well as children under the age of 16, also receive special discounts.

For more information, including transportation and screening times, visit:

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