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Julia and vista
photograph courtesy of Sean Kirkham

The easiest way to acclimate yourself to Budapest is to hop on a guided tour bus navigating its way through the streets, passing historical landmarks and other points of interest at thirty-five kilometers an hour while an energetic tour guide explains the significance of this or that spot. Program Centrum Tours offers a two-hour tour along these lines for €20.

Absolute Tours also offers a night stroll for around €17.50 (slightly less for students). Towards the end of this friendly Absolute tour, you’ll find yourself rather tipsy from visits to the local wine cellars along the route.

Julia Lengyel (smiling above) offers an altogether different perspective on Budapest. With a degree in History of Culture in Europe, she works for a local travel agency as chief tourist guide and also escorts English-speaking groups throughout central Europe. She provides visitors with a more intimate view of Budapest, mesmerizing her audiences with enchanting stories and local lore. She takes her tours off the beaten track to fascinating nooks and corners of Budapest.

Julia can be contacted by email and by telephone at +36 1 353-3913.

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