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Liszt by Barabas
Painting by Miklos Barabas reproduced courtesy of Kogart House

“The Face of Art” at Kogart House is the latest exhibition to open to spectacular reviews in Budapest.

Kogart House is situated on Andrássy Street, in a building renovated with the help of private funding from banker Gábor Kovács. Kovács acquired the building in 2003 with the express goal of bringing contemporary art to the masses.

“The Face of Art” showcases the evolution over the past two centuries of portraits and self-portraits by Hungarian artists. The museum’s top three floors are dedicated to constantly changing temporary art shows. The stately portrait of Hungarian music composer Liszt Ferenc by Miklós Barabás (see above) alone makes a visit to Kogart House worthwhile. With open terraces and spacious, well-lighted spaces, the museum is also aesthetically very pleasing.

And for those with tired museum feet, the bottom floor of the Kogart House has been turned into a cozy restaurant where coffee and cake is served until closing.

Kogart House is located at Andrássy Street 112. It is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day. Admission runs HUF1200 (€4.90; $6.50) for adults and HUF600 (€2.45; $3.25) for students and seniors.

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