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Photo by Gabó
Photo by Gabó

Bored of pounding the pavement visiting museum after museum staring at priceless works of art? Looking for a novel hands-on experience during your stay in Budapest?

Szív Studios in Budapest offers affordable six-week courses for children and adults. Instructors Paula Brett, Leah Kohlenberg, and Krisztina Rozanich offers classes in basic drawing as well as figure drawing, watercolor, pastels, and oil.

On Friday open studio, students can choose their medium. Keep an eye on their Web site for more details.

And if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body and yet want to experience something new, Szív Studios is always looking for nude models. On open studio night, they require a model to sit for the two and a half hour class. Payment for naked service is HUF4000 (€16; $22). An added benefit: you’ll be plied with red wine and great conversation.

Also noteworthy: Szív’s three artists will exhibit their works at the studios on April 26.

Call Paula more more information at +36 (30) 904-6043

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