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The Environment: “Offsetting” that cheap flight

It’s undeniable that an increase in flying is contributing to the degradation of the environment. In Europe, news reports about the effects of low-cost airlines on the environment are a regular occurrence. We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that low-cost flights in Europe are undeniably contributing to global warming. But what can you do about it, » Read more

CheapoSearch takes flight!

CheapoSearch takes flight!

(tap, tap) Is this thing on? Ladies and gents, we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to EuroCheapo: CheapoSearch Flights, our great, big search engine for researching budget airlines in Europe. We’re big fans of European budget airlines, in all their quirky, bargain-ticket glory. How else could you fly from London to Rome for £10? We felt, however, that there » Read more

What is Continental serving for breakfast?

Alas, after two weeks of traveling to Berlin, Brussels, and Bruges, these three Cheapos at Work had to fly home on Monday. Pete and Mere flew from Paris, and I returned from Brussels. Before I get into my “you won’t believe what Continental served us for breakfast” stomach-turner, I must apologize for not blogging during my » Read more

The Worst European Airports

Which European airport guarantees the worst experience? Which has the longest security lines, the craziest gate transfers, or the most disorganized baggage claim? We chuckled our way through Elisabeth Rosenthal’s piece in last Friday’s International Herald Tribune in which she gives results of her own unscientific poll. The results: 1) London Heathrow “Hands down the worst” cited by “100 percent » Read more

Easy(Jet) Gets Busy

Today, EasyJet announced six new routes, all of which will launch in March and April: Bristol-Biarritz, Bristol-Olbia, Bristol-Split, Edinburgh-Nice, Glasgow-Faro, and London Luton-Pisa. These six routes complement the dozen the airline will be kicking off over the next several months. Half of these (East Midlands-Barcelona, Bournemouth-Grenoble, Birmingham-Geneva, Bristol-Innsbruck, and London Gatwick-Innsbruck, and Birmingham-Grenoble) are kicking » Read more

Hurry, Hurry: One-Day Ryanair Sale

Today only, Ryanair is offering a serious fare sale. 150,000 fares on flights during the last three weeks of January are going for €1/£1 apiece. There are restrictions, of course. This fare is only available between mid-day Monday and mid-day Thursday, and not on all routes. The promotion ends at midnight, so there isn’t time » Read more

Priceline, Continental, Delta Shake It Up

Just when you think you know how to book the cheapest flight to Europe from the States, the airlines and agency websites shake things up. Again. Budget-savvy author Tim Leffel notes on his budget travel blog a number of recent changes in booking policies and fees. These include: Effective December 1, Continental is dropping its » Read more

Flash: Another 500,000 Free Ryanair Flights

Today, Ryanair announced the “sale” of half a million free flights. Good for travel on Mondays through Thursdays in December and January (with a “limited availability” quasi-blackout period from December 18 through January 8), these fares are on sale through midnight tomorrow. These flights are utterly and completely gratis—no taxes and no fees. It’s a » Read more

SkyEurope vs. Ryanair: October Stats

SkyEurope vs. Ryanair: October Stats

Behold, the return of our SkyEurope/Ryanair statistical face-off. In October 2007, Ryanair carried 21 percent more passengers than they did in October 2006, and managed a modest increase in load factor—the number of seats filled on planes flying throughout the month—of 2 percent (from 83 percent to 85 percent) also against October 2006 numbers. SkyEurope, » Read more

What Happened to Fly For Beans?

A few months ago, we were waiting with bated breath for launch announcements from Fly For Beans, a new Cardiff-based low-cost carrier. It’s not that we’re impatient, exactly. It’s more that we’re wondering if the airline will ever actually lift off. FFB has the pre-launch marketing all sewn up. They’ve got a perky site full » Read more

EasyJet and Those GB Airways Routes

EasyJet and Those GB Airways Routes

The other day we speculated about easyJet’s acquisition of GB Airways, hoping aloud that the former would take over all of the latter’s routes. We’ll admit a vested interest. We’re planning to fly from London to Cyprus next summer, and we want to do it cheaply. We just came across the first sign that our » Read more

Volareweb Mixes It Up

The last time we checked, Italian low-cost carrier Volareweb flew to seven destinations in Italy, plus Paris. So imagine our surprise when we took a glance at the Volareweb site the other day to discover the following new destinations: Alghero, Cagliari, Helsinki, Lodz, Maastricht Aachen, Manchester, Pescara, Porto, Rotterdam, and Wroclaw. Three new Italian destinations? » Read more

SkyEurope’s Summer 2008 Timetable

Who’s thinking about next summer? Not us. If anything, we’re hoping for cooler weather—and as quickly as possible. We want our autumn and we want it now. That said, the impulse to plan is a wise one. Slovak budget airline SkyEurope released part of their summer 2008 timetable earlier today. Released routes include five in » Read more

Ryanair’s Free Seat Promotion

Ryanair again offers what appears, at first blush, to be impossible: one million completely free fares. Good for travel between November 5 and January 31, they can be purchased through Monday, October 8. While strictly speaking not too good to be true, this promotion comes with more exceptions that most. To wit: the free fares » Read more

Noteworthy Mentions: SkyEurope, Isle of Man, Vueling

Today SkyEurope announced the release of 99,000 promotional all-inclusive €29 fares. “All-inclusive” here means that taxes and fees won’t pounce out at the final step of your online transaction. This promotion is good for travel between November 1 and December 15. Tickets can be purchased through October 7. In the past, we’ve struggled to find » Read more

KLM: Break Away Fares

We suggest taking a look at KLM’s current “Break Away” fare promotion. It offers decent roundtrip fares between Amsterdam and several European cities: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Geneva, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Manchester, Marseille, Milan, and Paris. The cheapest listed Break Away fare is Amsterdam-Paris, which begins at €147. Afraid of fare creep via undisclosed fees and taxes? » Read more

Click4Sky: An Alternative to Low-Cost Carriers

CSA Czech Airlines has just launched Click4Sky, a new, independently branded initiative designed to fill empty seats on Czech Airlines flights. The upfront basics look promising. The site itself is clean and light and direct, as all low-cost airline sites should be. (A heavy, busy low-cost carrier site, after all, screams Hidden Costs! Scams! Fear!) » Read more

Wizz Goes to Town in Gdansk

Today, Polish-Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air announced route expansions in and out of its Gdansk base. From mid-March, frequency on routes to Dortmund, Liverpool, London Luton, Lübeck, and Stockholm Skavsta will increase, and three brand-new routes will commence: Gdansk-Bournemouth, Gdansk-Coventry, and Gdansk-Gothenburg. Wizz Air operates six bases in Central and Eastern Europe, and is the » Read more

Today’s Ryanair Mini-Expansion

Today’s Ryanair Mini-Expansion

Today Ryanair announced three new routes. Two (Cork-East Midlands and Cork-Glasgow) will kick off on December 13. The third will run between Malta and Treviso near Venice. The airline doesn’t offer an official starting date for the Malta-Treviso route, though we found a €.01 fare in early January. The kicker? That eurocent balloons to €47.13 » Read more

Iceland Express: Autumn Fare Sale

Iceland Express, our favorite Icelandic low-cost carrier—ok, the only low-cost carrier in Iceland—is running a quick low fare promotional sale right now. From Wednesday, September 19 through Friday, September 21 (noon GMT in both instances), Iceland Express is hawking one-way fares between Reykjavík and its menu of low season destinations. These include London, Barcelona, Alicante, » Read more

Air Snippets

1. Ryanair has put together something it’s calling the “Malpensa Manifesto,” a plan to increase investment in Milan-area airports and launch 50 international and ten domestic routes from Milan Malpensa. 2. We’ve been mesmerized and a Newark-Toronto link in the works—Porter makes small scale look very, very appealing. It’s got a clean and crisp brand, » Read more

LCC Buzz

A range of European low-cost carriers are experiencing difficulties. Air Berlin’s recent profit warning and Vueling’s halted forward momentum are just two examples of this season’s troubles. Now comes the news that SkyEurope will close its Krakow and Budapest bases in late October. The airline is spinning this shift as a reinforcement of “its position » Read more

Friday Fun: MSG and Jet2

It’s been a fine day, though our massive Ukrainian lunch was loaded with MSG, and we’ve spent the afternoon nursing headaches and queasiness with water, coffee, and aspirin. We’re exhausted. Sue us. We did just come across some exciting, if press release-driven information, though. Plucky UK low-cost carrier Jet2 celebrated their 10 millionth passenger today. » Read more

Ryanair Flash: Bremen Route Reshuffle

Ryanair Flash: Bremen Route Reshuffle

Like a hard-bargaining player happy to have gotten his way and thus prepared to reward his subjects—yesterday, the airline came to an apparently mutually agreeable decision with the Brussels Charleroi airport administration—Ryanair today announced two new routes from Bremen. From late October onwards, Ryanair will kick off Bremen-Alicante and Bremen-Palma de Mallorca routes. Of course, » Read more

Over: The Ryanair/Charleroi Stand-Off

Ryanair announced today that the airline has reached an agreement with Brussels Charleroi airport. The Irish low-cost carrier had threatened to withdraw from the secondary Brussels airport from November 12 onwards. All ticket sales for travel after November 12 have been released. A desire to avoid the future sudden strikes at Charleroi provided Ryanair’s purported » Read more

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