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Bruges cheap souvenir: Lace

You simply can’t leave Bruges without strolling along the canals, stopping at a chocolate shop, and of course, paying tribute to the ancient tradition of lacemaking. Tracing lace Many believe that the history of lace can be traced to Egyptian times, but the material was likely first made popular in Europe by Flemish artisans in Bruges and » Read more

Bruges: Underground church visit for free

For nearly one thousand years a massive stone church sat on Bruges’ Burg square. It was destroyed about 200 years ago, but parts of it remain today under a Crowne Plaza Hotel and can be visited for free. Bruges’ Underground Church Back around 900 AD, the city built a fort to protect itself from pesky Vikings who » Read more

“In Bruges” recap and the best pancakes in town

“In Bruges” recap and the best pancakes in town

As previously mentioned, Pete, Mere, and I returned from Europe on Monday afternoon. After attending the ITB travel conference in Berlin, we drove to Brussels (ha! more about that later) and started the “hotel hunt” part of the trip. Pete and Meredith took on Brussels and I took the train to Bruges, where I spent five » Read more

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