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Rotterdam: Five cheapo tips for exploring this Dutch gem

Rotterdam: Five cheapo tips for exploring this Dutch gem

In terms of architecture and scale, Rotterdam feels almost surgically sewn together. This impression reflects the city’s experience of the twentieth century. Heavily bombed during the Second World War, Rotterdam is an architecturally new city, with boxy hypermodern buildings and expansive, well-designed public spaces. It is also a real port city, raw and enriched by » Read more

List: Dutch Treats

It’s overcast and rainy where we are. So we’re thinking of the Netherlands. Sue us. Here’s a little list of current Dutch gems. 1. Ahead of the game, Dutch budget holiday boutique VakantieXperts has published their Winter Guide. Those in NL might want to stop by a shop and start dreaming of snow. 2. A » Read more

Netherlands: Top D-Reizen Deals

We’ve long been fans of Dutch bargain holiday boutique chains like D-Reizen, which regularly put together deals that amaze us. A quick look today at D-Reizen’s “Last Minute TOP-10″ list turned up three particularly interesting deals. These range from the unremarkable (€87.50 for a double room at an Ibis in Ghent, Belgium) to the downright » Read more

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