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Budget food shopping in London: A guide to the city’s supermarkets

Budget food shopping in London: A guide to the city’s supermarkets

While we’d love to encourage you to do all your shopping at one of London’s markets, stocking up on food in a supermarket is going to ease your budget. Britain has several huge supermarket chains, and their dominance is a big issue with London locals: many people are concerned about how they have put independent » Read more

Vintage Clothing Shops and Markets in London

Vintage Clothing Shops and Markets in London

By Neha Gadhvi in London— Every now and again I catch my breath going through a pile of crumbled clothes in a damp smelling sea of castoffs at one of London’s vintage or charity shops. Who knows where it’s been? Or what sort of person had worn it? How did it make them feel? And » Read more

London: The 4 best weekend markets for bargain shopping (and people watching)

London: The 4 best weekend markets for bargain shopping (and people watching)

If it’s a weekend in London, then it’s market time, no matter what season. Londoners are undeniably proud of their markets and not just because some of them date back to medieval times. The city’s markets are hands down the best places to find bargains, whether you are looking for vintage clothes, artisanal cheeses or » Read more

London Tip: Portobello Road antiques market

Ah, London‘s famous Portobello Road… It’s been immortalized in songs (our fave is this one located in Notting Hill—plays host to a number of cutesy shops, cafés, and antique sellers. It’s also the location of the famous Electric cinema, which has its own signature restaurant next door. The street’s characteristic slope, beginning at the intersection at Westbourne Grove, » Read more

London cheap souvenir: Bookmarks with history

In London, great writers from Dickens to Keats, Woolf to Orwell found a home and a literary community. Today, bookish visitors can find shelves filled with their works, often in charming, historically-significant bookstores. Cheapos on the hunt for souvenirs know that many of these shops hand out bookmarks for free. Souvenirs to write home about The » Read more

Visa Swap

If you’re carrying any dead weight in the form of (designer) clothing when you’re in London, stop into Visa’s pop-up store, where you can donate unwanted gear and quality high street clothing. But never fear Cheapos. You won’t be giving up your designer duds simply for the sake of charity (of course we believe that » Read more

London: Lily Loves at New Look Now

We’re getting incredibly bored of celebs-cum-designers who don’t actually design anything but just stamp their name on some poorly-sewn kit. Our sourness aside, if you have a thing for Lily Allen—daughter of someone famous over here—you can pick up some of her style at New Look with her Lily Loves collection. (Ms. Allen’s Patricia Fields » Read more

London Flash: May Sample Sales

If you’re traveling through London during May, check out the following sample sales and load up on designer goods for as much as 80% off retail. Get Patrick Cox shoes and accessories at the Patrick Cox Sample Sale. Also look out for Duffer of St. George, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Anglomania, Versace, Gaultier » Read more

London: The city’s best bookstores

Photo by Philip Sheldrake It’s no secret that Londoners love literature just about as much as they love their tabloids. When not sifting the mags to find out where Posh and Becks are currently being preposterous, Londoners are usually nose-in-novel on the Underground or while queueing at Sainsbury’s. Here are just some of the places » Read more

London Flash: Agent Provocateur Annual Sale

London Flash: Agent Provocateur Annual Sale

Get the world’s slinkiest—although not exactly best made; we think the stitching is a little shoddy—knickers for up to 70% off. Agent Provocateur’s shop at 6 Broadwick Street will be jammed with deal-hungry ladies this weekend and next. Men: this is a good place to meet women. Women: London is notoriously, prohibitively expensive. Use this » Read more

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