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Rome is famous for its delicious (and often quite affordable) cuisine. Whether you’re looking to dine al fresco in Trastevere, go vegetarian, or head to the grocery store to cook up your own Italian feast, we’ve got tips on ways to save. And don’t forget the gelato!

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Rome Flash: Espresso To Go!

Could it be? After years of Italian influence on the American coffee scene, the tables have finally turned. The latest coffee craze in the country that practically invented the stuff: Eraclea espresso drinks, available in three sizes: €1.10 for a small, €1.90 for a large, and €1.50 for a takeaway. It appears that Italians have » Read more

Rome Flash: Beer, Burgers, and the Beatles at Sergeant Pepper’s Pub

Rome Flash: Beer, Burgers, and the Beatles at Sergeant Pepper’s Pub

It’s funny what Rome can come up with. Just when good old pub nostalgia gets the better of you, low and behold you discover places like Sergeant Pepper’s Pub, where juicy burgers, cold beer, and even baked potatoes are on offer. Best of all, prices barely cross the €10 barrier. Opened by a pair of » Read more

Italy: Looking for a little latte? Try a marocchino!

Photo by Annie Shapero According to Starbuck’s Chairman Howard Shultz, he was greatly inspired by the good times and camaraderie of Italian cafés. Today, the company tries to emulate that ambiance. Too bad it doesn’t emulate the prices, as well! In Italy, cafés charge far less for coffee and related coffee drinks (free of whipped, caramelized » Read more

Ultra Roman Dining at Betto e Mary in Casilino-Mandrione

The slum-ridden Casilino-Mandrione neighborhood was once home to a bedraggled collection of gypsies, prostitutes, and violent criminals. It was such a zone of desperation that Pasolini turned to Madrione when he wanted to capture utter squalor. These days, the ‘hood is on the upswing. While (gratefully) far from any sort of SoHo makover, Mandrione has » Read more

Rome: Deep-Fried Arancini For A Two-Dollar Dinner

One of the cheapest eats in Rome is also one of the most sinfully delicious, deep-fried foods you may ever sink your teeth into: Arancini. These tasty little temptations are baseball-sized rice balls stuffed with anything from prosciutto and mozzarella, to squid ink and pistachios. Gourmands may recognize them as the fat Sicilian cousins of » Read more

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