Charles Bridge Isn’t Falling Down (Yet)

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Get a good look now, before bridge renovations
photograph courtesy of maoli

If you’re dreaming of taking a moonlit stroll across Prague’s famed Charles Bridge this year, you’d better hurry up: the Prague Post reports that the city is planning to renovate the structure starting this April.

Plans were afoot to start the renovations last year but were subsequently nixed. Knowing the Prague city government, the start date may change again—it’s currently “April or May.” During the renovations, parts of the bridge will be closed, making it somewhat less picturesque than it is now.

The renovations will strive to keep things authentic on the 650-year-old bridge, swapping electric lamps for gas ones and strengthening the span’s arches; in the thirty years since the last repairs, salt and ice have eaten away at the bridge’s supports. Following renovations, the bridge will no longer be salted on winter days.

So if you plan on visiting Prague in the winter after the repairs are completed, make sure to bring your crampons for maximum traction.

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