Cheap Austria-Germany Overnight Train Fares!

Stainach-Irdning train station track / Photograph: CI & M / Robert Deopito

Austrian train station (Photograph: CI & M / Robert Deopito)

OeBB, the Austrian state railways, today announced some super-cheap overnight train deals, good through March 30.

OeBB’s “Stand-pending availability, of course. The routes are Vienna-Berlin, Vienna-Hamburg, and Vienna-Dortmund.

These routes include stops at several other German cities along the way, including Leipzig (en route to Berlin); Nürnberg, Göttingen, and Hannover (along the way to Hamburg); and Mannheim, Koblenz, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisberg, Essen, and Bochum (en route to Dortmund).

For those elsewhere in Austria, the three routes also stop in St. Pölten and Linz. Additionally, the Hamburg train stops in Wels and the Dortmund train stops in Salzburg.

€29 will get you a seat, €39 a couchette in a six-berth compartment, and €49 a bed in a six-berth compartment on the swanker CityNightLine train.

We don’t know about you, but we feel like breaking open the Almdudler.

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  • Robert Ade says:

    Pls i just want to make equiry about how i can travel from frankfurt to Graz in Austria.pls send full detail to my e-mail address which is
    Pls includes the train name,price,time.

  • Suchkov says:

    I would need information how to get from Copenhagen to Mannheim by train

  • Franci says:

    I would like to travel by train from Vienna to Hamburg on 20.okt but REALLY at night…so i have to stay in Vienna until about 00:00 so i dont know if a train like this exists or not…please send me some details :D

  • .
    Franci (above)

    The direct overnight train from Vienna to Hamburg leaves at 19.48 on 20 Oct. The cheapest one way fare that is still available on that night is €49.

    If, as you imply, you really must leave later, then we’d suggest the 23.56 night train from Vienna to Munich. this gets into Munich just after six in the morning, and then there is a convenient connect onto a daytime ICE to Hamburg. Leaving Munich at 06.54, arriving Hamburg at 13.02. The one way fare (still available) is €69. That’s for one ticket, Vienna-Munich-Hamburg.

    Hope this helps.
    Susanne and Nicky
    editors of hidden europe magazine

  • Alex says:

    Hello ! I need some informations about wien-dortmund by train from 22.12. till 26.12. thakn you very much !

  • .
    At the moment tickets from travel from Wien to Germany can only be booked for journeys up to and including 8 December. For travel from 9 December (including the Christmas and New Year period), you will be able to buy tickets from this time next week.

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