Cheap Hotel Overview: Eastward, Cheapos!

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While researching new listings for the upcoming relaunch, we found our jaws dropping at the concentration of cheap hotels in several cities in Eastern Europe. Here, a brief digest of three cities particularly well suited to cheap sleepers.

Exhibit A: Budapest, which is just about neck and neck with Amsterdam in terms of cheap hotel numbers. We’ve identified 150 cheap sleeps in the Hungarian capital with nightly rates between €6 and €75. Perhaps it’s the city’s steamy baths that are fueling the demand for cheap beds. Whatever the explanation, it’s a budget traveler’s town, and it’s also a cheap city to reach from within Europe. We found some one-way fares on Wizzair from Frankfurt Hahn for fares as low as €33, including taxes and fees.

Dubrovnik, Croatia’s Dalmatian jewel, boasts 60 hostels and hotels with rates between €10 and €45. With rates like these, you should have plenty of dough left over to try Croatian specialities like girice and kamenice. Low-fare carriers flying to Dubrovnik include SkyEurope, Germanwings, Norwegian Air Shuttle, clickair, and flybe.

Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, clocked in with about 40 budget accommodations, which puts it in the same league as Vienna and Frankfurt. Rates at these 40 hotels fall between €7 (!) and €65 throughout the spring, when you can stroll down the shop-lined bulevard Vitosha and rest your feet (and wallet) in Yuzhen Park. Low-fare airlines flying to Sofia include SkyEurope, Wizz Air, Germanwings, and MyAir.

About the author

TJ developed a taste for travel while living (and ostensibly) studying in Rome. He soon began catching bargain-basement Ryanair flights to various European destinations, where he would immediately scope out the dodgiest bar upon arrival. (He also saw some art along the way.) After returning to SUNY Albany, he developed an independent study in travel writing, which was mostly an excuse to drive cross-country. The 7200 mile trip, made in 11 days with two friends in a very small red car, culminated in a collection of essays called MOVE!, which he describes as incredibly self-indulgent and quite un-publishable. After moving to Manhattan, he found his way to EuroCheapo and has spent most of his time writing reviews for the New York City listings.

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