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Vintage shopping Paris
Paris offers no shortage of vintage shopping options. Photo: misterymoor

For some people, vintage shopping in Paris means buying a second-hand Chanel bag or Hermès scarf from a high-end resale boutique.

But Paris has always had its friperies, inexpensive secondhand clothing shops where you have to dig through piles of cast-offs to find a vintage pearl.

Here are a handful of top good value addresses where Parisians go for a wallet-friendly vintage fashion shopping spree.


With three locations all within five minutes walking distance of one another in the Marais, this annoyingly named boutique (a franglais play on the French word fripe, which means “second-hand clothing”) is a favorite for men and women’s clothing and accessories. Always mobbed and packed to the gills with stock at low prices. They don’t buy clothes from customers on site or sell merchandise online so the only way to hunt for vintage gems is in person (bring your elbows). Open every day of the year.

Kilo Shop

If you’re looking for clothes by the pound, head to Kilo Shop, with a flagship in the Marais and another location in the 6th. Like Free’P’Star, they don’t buy on site. You can weigh your own pile of vintage loot on scales provided throughout the store. The per kilo price of clothes is indicated by colored buttons and the goods here are organized into racks by type making for a slightly less chaotic shopping experience.

Vintage Désir

Located on rue des Rosiers in the site of a former hair salon, this great inexpensive vintage shop is often mistakenly called “Coiffeur Vintage.” Vintage Désir is tiny and cluttered with new arrivals daily. Dresses start at €10. Open daily; check it out on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds.


With four locations in the 9th and 18th, Tunisian bargain depot Guerrisol is a classic down-and-dirty destination for vintage lovers to rummage for clothes, shoes and accessories. Be prepared to dig.

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