Cheapo Night Out Barcelona: Cheap and free concerts

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The scene at the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona; photo by panic
The scene at the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona; photo by panic

All year long, but especially during summer months, Barcelona‘s balmy air is filled with music. From opera to blues, pop music to jazz, the city offers up music daily. Since most of us can’t pay the big bucks to see major acts on tour here, I’ve put together a list of a few places where concerts are cheap—or better yet—even free. Enjoy.

Harlem Jazz Club

Despite the name, this club offers more than jazz.  Six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays), Harlem offers a diverse line-up. Going to Harlem is a local tradition, where you may not know what will be on that night (Read: They used to post the schedule on-line, but no longer do this.), but you can be sure the vibe will be fun and different. Case in point? The last time I went there a Flamenco-Brazilian band was playing a jam set of groovy fusion. Expect to spend €8 for entry and a drink.

Address: C/ Comtessa De Sobradiel, 8
08002 Barcelona
Tel: 933 100 755

Jazz Si

Located in the Raval, this place fills up fast. Concerts start promptly at 9 PM and because they are inexpensive (€7 a pop), they usually sell out. Your best bet is to arrive a half hour early and wait in line to be assured a spot. Check out the line-up via their Web site. Recent concerts featured flamenco, salsa, and pop.

Address: Requesens, 2


This small, but hoppin’ club offers live music every night of the week, plus jam sessions a few times a week. That’s right, Cheapos. During a jam session, even you can play for the house! Tucked away in Barceloneta, most concerts at Monestario cost about €6 though jam sessions are free of charge. Like Harlem, this is a great place to drop into when you feel like taking in some music and maybe getting a surprise or two. A jam session occurs every Sunday night. For more info, visit Monestario’s Web site.

Free concerts in the park

This summer there are free concerts every Friday in Ciutadella Park (city center). It should be said that sometimes these shows are fantastic and at other times they are a yawn. However, it’s really nice to be out in the park, under the stars, listening to the nearby frogs and smelling the aroma of sweet blooming night flowers. Bring a picnic and a couple candles and set up in the grass near the stage. These concerts start at 10 PM and run for about an hour. For a schedule and more, go here.


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  1. Beyond the weather, the crowds were by far the least and the lines the shortest. The only downside is there are shorter park hours BUT w/out the lines we got so much more done than with longer hours. And there’s so much going on then. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a must do! Aside from the fun of running around Disney in a costume and feeling like a kid again (you don’t have to, but many did and sure was fun), there were hardly any lines for anything as tkts are limited. And there were lot’s of fun special events.


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