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The new CheapoSearch displays much more information about the room types on the results page.
The new CheapoSearch displays much more information about the room types on the results page.

Today we’re celebrating a big update to our budget hotel search engine and we want you to know all about it, Cheapos.

The quick backstory

Code-named “CheapoSearch” when we first took it live five years ago, our hotel search engine lets readers quickly see room rates for all of the hotels we recommend on EuroCheapo (as long as they have online booking – which some of them don’t). Easy-to-use filters let you narrow down your results by location, user rating, price and accommodation type. In our results we display room rates from a range of hotel booking websites, showing you the lowest rate out there.

This new upgrade

Lately we’ve been dreaming up a bunch of new features that we think will make hotel research more efficient. This new upgrade centers on trying to make EuroCheapo as easy to use as possible. These new features include:

More hostel inventory: We expanded the volume of hostels in our search results to include those we feel are a cut above the rest.

Display both dorm and private room prices: Rather than making dorm rates hard to find, we now show them alongside private room rates for hostel results.

Show room type information: To minimize the amount of back-and-forth clicking within our search results, we now display room type info (with rates) directly within search results. Now you can quickly find the specific room type you’re looking for — for example, two twin beds rather than one queen.

Highlight our hotel reviews: The heart and soul of EuroCheapo are the hotels we visit, recommend and review. In order to feature these hotels (and our reviews) more clearly, we simplified the design to make our “Editor’s Picks” stand out more.

Give it a whirl

But enough of the descriptions. The best way for you to experience the new CheapoSearch is to go ahead and search away. You can test it on this page by using the big blue hotel search box in the top right corner or by doing a search on our homepage.

Go on – kick the tires a bit. Try Paris. Or Rome. Maybe Amsterdam? But compare some dates, use the filters and see what gorgeous (and cheapo) hotels we have in store. Also, we love getting your feedback and suggestions on what you think should be improved or added. Please send an email our way to let us know what you think.

And remember, next time you’re looking to book a hotel in Europe, CheapoSearch is ready to help out!

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About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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