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Is this thing on?

Ladies and gents, we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to EuroCheapo: CheapoSearch Flights, our great, big search engine for researching budget airlines in Europe.

We’re big fans of European budget airlines, in all their quirky, bargain-ticket glory. How else could you fly from London to Rome for £10? We felt, however, that there weren’t enough reliable resources on the web to find, compare, and research the carriers and routes.

Thus, we built CheapoSearch Flights. Don’t know your Aer Arann  from your WizzAir? We’ve got you covered.

What’s special about CheapoSearch Flights?

Our flights guide includes 43 low-cost airlines in Europe, reviewed by EuroCheapo’s editors, and includes company profiles, pros and cons, luggage and boarding policy information, and direct links to their websites. While we include well known budget airlines, such as Ryanair and easyJet, we also features lesser known regional carriers, such as Intersky and ClubAir.

But wait, there’s more!

Budget Airline Route Finder: Travelers can search for budget routes between thousands of European cities and, when there isn’t a budget route available, receive suggestions for alternative routes at nearby airports. Search results also display flight times and ticket prices for tickets bookable through our reservation partner

Airport Mapping: CheapoSearch Flights maps out all departure and arrival airports for each route, so travelers can better understand distances between airports and cities. This provides a better understanding of the travel time (and transportation cost) for cities with multiple airports, and presents other airport options within a 65-mile radius.

Airline Price Comparison: In addition to budget airline prices, CheapoSearch Flights also allows travelers to easily compare airfare on major airlines that fly the same route. After all, sometimes these carriers offer lower prices or fly into more centrally-located airports.

So, cruise around on CheapoSearch Flights. If you have any comments on how we can make it better, please let us know!

Many, many thanks to the Cheapos who contributed to the creation of CheapoSearch Flights, including Alex Robertson Textor, James Ellis, Mike Cargian, and the extended EuroCheapo family who provided constructive feedback, invaluable advice, and hours of free bug testing!

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