Click4Sky: An Alternative to Low-Cost Carriers

CSA Czech Airlines has just launched Click4Sky, a new, independently branded initiative designed to fill empty seats on Czech Airlines flights. The upfront basics look promising. The site itself is clean and light and direct, as all low-cost airline sites should be. (A heavy, busy low-cost carrier site, after all, screams Hidden Costs! Scams! Fear!)

Aesthetics and others dangers aside, Click4Sky charges CZK 1990 (€72; $102) for a one-way journey, taxes and fees included. In actuality, the CZK 1990 assertion is a bit slippery, as only roundtrip tickets can be purchased. So figure CZK 3980 (€144; $204) per ticket.

There’s something pleasing about a set fare, as it completely eliminates guesswork, fare hunting, and, well, all attempts to divine future fares. Also pleasing is the fact that all Click4Sky seats are on regular Czech Airlines airplanes, with free drinks and gratis newspapers.

Downside? Despite a wide-ranging destination map, which includes decent Central and Eastern European coverage (Athens, Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul, Košice, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Riga, Tallinn, Thessaloniki, Vienna, and Vilnius), one destination outside of Europe (Cairo), very good coverage of Germany (eight destinations), and Oslo, among other destinations, all flights are routed through Prague.

For Prague area residents and for visitors planning to base a long-term holiday in Prague, Click4Sky is a great deal. For average travelers, however, its utility is somewhat limited. We’d love to see Click4Sky sell one-way flights and thereby make these low fares more accessible to run-of-the-mill tourists.

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