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We chanced upon the Unusual Hotels of the World site the other day. As astute Internets Detectives might assume, the site showcases odd accommodations throughout the world.

Taking a look at their European offerings, we were especially taken by several of their accommodation categories: “underground/cave,” “ice/igloo,” and “prison” were among our favorites, though we think that “treehouse” trumps all categories. Call us overgrown children. We don’t mind.

The site divides accommodations into several rate categories, beginning under $100. Our favorite individual hotel? The Controversy Tram Hotel in the Dutch town of Hoogwoud (see above). Named after the Prince song and album, the Controversy Tram Hotel consists of four bedrooms in converted trams. Nightly rates begin at €60 and drop for extended stays.

Now you’ve got another reason to explore the province of North Holland…

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About the author: Alex Robertson Textor is a London-based travel writer and editor. He has written for Rough Guides, the New York Times, and Public Books, among other publications; he also guided the tablet magazine Travel by Handstand to two SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism awards. With Pam Mandel, he writes copy and generates ideas as White Shoe Travel Content. He is on Twitter as @textorian and maintains his own blog,

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