Copenhagen Cheap Eat: Street food, coffee, and Danish national cuisine

Photo of smorrebrod courtesy of ilmungo
Photo of smorrebrod courtesy of ilmungo

Copenhagen has for years been a top-notch gourmet capital in Northern Europe with high priced, multi-Michelin starred restaurants rising up as fast as you can say, “The Little Mermaid.” But, the bills at these places can be staggering, often more than €150-200 for a meal.

Cheapo-gourmets have no fear. Here are a few local secrets – and budget eats – to keep you satiated:

Hit the streets!

A new concept has literally ‘hit the streets’ of Copenhagen: mobile street food. Several bikes and mopeds today circuit the busiest thoroughfares offering affordable and satisfying food. A local favorite is “fish-to-go,” run by French chef Bernard Chesneau. Here you’ll find delicious and homemade seafood dishes, served and prepared out of his own camper.

If you get it to-go: Try the tasty fish cakes with tartar sauce  (1 for €2.75, €3 for €6.75) or the fish of the day (€8). Fish to-go is open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

National cuisine – for less!

While you’re eating your way through Copenhagen why not stop for some Danish national cuisine? Small businesses are scattered around Copenhagen selling smørrebrød (open-faced rye-bread sandwiches), at varying prices. Expect to spend  12 to 30 kroners (€.60 to €4), depending on which take-away joint you pick.

For good value, I recommend the traditional Frederiksberg Smørrebrød, on Gl. Kongevej. Ask for a ”stjerneskud”: two fried fish topped with lettuce, mayo, shrimp and caviar (€5) or the “tatar”: raw minced beef with capers, onions, horseradish, and a raw egg yolk (€7).

Coffee on-the-go!

The Danes are among the most coffee-coveting people in the world, and wandering around our pretty streets you’ll notice one café after the other. Though prices in City (Midtown) can get as high as 52 kroner (€7) for a latte, cheap gourmet coffee is available nearby.

Try Ole Skram, or “the espressoman,” as he calls himself. He has equipped his personal bicycle with a gas-driven espresso machine and rides the streets of City each day selling low-priced gourmet coffee. You can typically track him down around Nørreport station, Østerport Station, and along Strøget. He charges around 20 kroners (€2.50) for a latte.

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