Wandering Cheapo: Cherry Cravings in Croatia

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Yummy strudel

One of Croatia’s tastiest baked treats is its sour cherry strudel, otherwise known as Štrudl od višanja. Or if salivating glands have got you tongue-tied, just point to the selection in the pastry case with the blood-red glaze oozing out its sides. Višnja pastries are a common sight in Croatian bakeries, markets, and even bus station cafés.

That the strudel’s filling is so unusually bright might be an indication of the unexpected but welcome tartness that greets first-timers to višnja strudels. And rest assured that you won’t find any skimping on this filling of sour cherries, which are a specialty of Dalmatia. The best cherry strudels have a light flaky crust topped with a generous smattering of powder sugar.

Whether you’re people-watching at an outdoor café with your kava ša šlagom or looking for some eats to tide you over on the slow boat out to Mljet island, višanja strudel is easy to find. We were partial to the piping fresh ones discovered at Konzum Market (HRK5/ €0.70) just outside of the Pile Gate of Old Dubrovnik.

Wandering Cheapo Sunnia Ko is a wanderer at heart and primarily supports this habit as a teacher at Plovdiv University in Bulgaria. She is currently on a cross-Balkan trek from Plovdiv to Sibenik, Croatia, where she hopes to find the Adriatic as splendid and turquoise as she remembers it to be.

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