Croatia’s Open Waters

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Photo by tgi friday
Photo by tgi friday

The Croatian coast is dotted with over 1000 islands. In a country like this one, there is really no reason to limit oneself to the road. And second to diving right in, what better way to spend quality time with the Adriatic than to take a Jadrolinija ferry from Kor?ula to Split?

Jadrolinija is Croatia’s national ship carrier. The fleet is made up of ships, car ferries, and catamarans that travel along Croatia’s coast from the northern port of Rijeka and to the southern port of Dubrovnik and even to Bari, Italy. We took the Marko Polo and sailed five magnificent hours together with vacationing families, backpackers, locals, and expats.

Jadrolinija’s schedules have been known to vex many a visitor to Croatia. If navigating these schedules online proves to be too difficult, we recommend popping into a ferry terminal sales office to ask questions.

Tickets from Kor?ula to Split will set you back HRK82 (€11; $15) in low season and just a couple more euros in high season. It’s even possible to splurge on a couchette HRK176 (€24; $33) if you’re hurting from the previous night’s šljivovica-drinking contest.

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2 thoughts on “Croatia’s Open Waters”

  1. A couchette between Korcula and Split seems a bit ridiculous – what is it, 4 hours? You could also spend time stretched out in the sun – or take the faster katamaran.

  2. Jadrolinija’s schedules are vexing! But there’s a solution. On, I’ve posted Jadrolinija’s complete schedule for coastal ferries plus timetables of ALL ferry companies handling routes to Croatia this year. And if you’re still confused, well you can always arrange a private consultation. After all, I’m the lady that wrote the book (Lonely Planet’s book) on Croatia!


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