Charming Paris: Rue Saint Andre des Arts

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The rue Saint André des Arts is small winding street in the 6th arrondissement. It leads from place Saint Michel to place Buci, near Odéon.  It’s definitely worth a stroll next time you’re in the central and buzzing Saint Michel area. The street is romantic and quaint, and is also packed with cute places to fill up cheaply.

Foremost among these is the Lebanese food stand Kiki et Mimi, where a panini, drink, and dessert crêpe only cost €6.  K & M also offers a €7.50 menu, which includes a truly delicious shwarma with a drink and crêpe. It’s the perfect place to stop and eat while exploring the rue. It also makes a great pit-stop while waiting for the street’s numerous bars and cafés to move into happy hour mode.  Kiki et Mimi is located at 36 rue Saint André des Arts.

To find rue Saint André des Arts from Saint Michel, face the fountain, go right, and cross the street. It’s the first street on the right.

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2 thoughts on “Charming Paris: Rue Saint Andre des Arts”

  1. Hello, I haven’t been there for years, now plan to go in September.
    Where is a reasonable place to stay ? St Andre des Arts was Ok, just very noisy.
    Thanks and have a good weekend, Issy


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