Prague: Free admission to St. Vitus Cathedral

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Good news for Cheapos on the tourist path in Central Europe.

From April 5 onwards, admission to Prague’s famed St. Vitus Cathedral will be free. Until recently, entrance set visitors back CZK100 (€3.60; $4.80). That’s at least three crisp, cold Czech beers—if you choose your watering hole wisely.

Ownership of the cathedral is transferring from the Catholic Church to the Office of the President, whose office is inside the Prague Castle complex. The church has argued that the Communist state’s failure to officially nationalize St. Vitus back in the 1950s means that the church has always been the cathedral’s rightful owner; accordingly, the church filed suit to maintain ownership 14 years ago. A decision reached last week gives the Czech state outright ownership of the cathedral and divides caretaking obligations between church and state.

Because of the dispute the Cathedral had been absent from tours of the Castle since September of last year.

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