Dreaming of Living la Dolce Vita this Summer?

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photograph courtesy of Salvatore88
photograph courtesy of Salvatore88

If you have plans to travel to Italy in August, you might want to think twice about sticking exclusively to the major cities in the north of the country. Many fashion boutiques and restaurants in Milan and Florence will be essentially shut down while Italians are on official holiday. If shuttered retail districts don’t encourage you to flee city for seaside, unpleasant city humidity might do the trick.

Do as the Italians do and head for the remote Aeolian Islands, a cluster of six drop-dead gorgeous volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The best way to get to the Aeolians is by boat. There are frequent car ferries and much quicker hydrofoils from Milazzo, Naples, Cefulu, Palermo, and Messina to the Aeolian Islands during the summer months.

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One thought on “Dreaming of Living la Dolce Vita this Summer?”

  1. wow!! I was considering going there this summer. I have been told it is absolutely amazing.
    I would love to have more info about Eolian Islands..
    night life, cheap places where to stay.


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