Dublin: 5 places for late-night cheap eats


Zaytoon serves up Dublin's tastiest kebab in Temple Bar. Photos by Colm Hanratty
Zaytoon serves up Dublin's tastiest kebab in Temple Bar. Photos by Colm Hanratty

In this guest post, Colm Hanratty of Hostelworld.com tells us his favorite places to go for a late-night snack in the Irish capital. 

Dublin is famous for many things—friendly locals, outspoken rock stars and pubs being three. After sampling the local Guinness in one of its celebrated “boozers,” chances are you’ll be in search of some late-night eats. Thankfully, there is no shortage of places enjoy cheap eats. These are our favorites.

14/15 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Let’s face it—if you’re going to Dublin you’re going to visit Temple Bar. It’s the tourist center of the city and home to pubs playing traditional Irish music to keep tourists and (some) locals alike happy. It’s also home to Dublin’s best “kebab shop”–Zaytoon. Specializing in Persian cuisine, this late-night kebab den is a step above the rest in “town” (what locals call downtown). They’ve another “restaurant” at the bottom of Camden St. (pictured, top).

Head to The Gigs Place for a full Irish breakfast after a "skin full."

Gig’s Place
Portobello Bridge, Portobello, Dublin 8

If you speak to anybody who’s been to Ireland prior to your trip, they’re bound to tell you you should try a “full Irish” (breakfast) when you’re there. What they might not tell you is that many find this traditional dish more pleasing after a “skin full” (Irish for “a lot”) of pints. If you want to experience this, Gig’s Place just south of the city centre is where to go.

3 Temple Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Another Temple Bar haunt is Afsana, one of the best value Indian restaurants in the city. The décor won’t blow you away but the vindaloo will, quite literally (it’s hot hot hot!) Staff are extremely friendly and have the patience of saints. They’d have to dealing with those who’ve had one too many night after night. Try the chicken korma—it’s delicious.

22 Wexford St, Dublin 2

There are many well-known burger joints in Dublin city centre. But this one, which is on the Wexford Street/Camden Street strip, gets our vote. For a start they’ve got a burger called “The Colm.” I kid you not. I’ve eaten one many times because–you are what you eat after all. Other creative titles for burgers include “The Finn McCool” and “The Grafton.”

Pizza Top Takeaway
48-50 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2

Similar to pizza places in New York, upon entering this establishment conveniently located beside Grafton Street, you’ll be presented with an array of pizza slices to choose from. Picture barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, pepperoni and more. Also, picture a large queue as this place is popular. It’s worth the wait though.

Hot dogs stands
In front of Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and across from Trinity College, Dublin 2

If it’s something lightning quick you desire and you can’t face a queue then you need street food. The two best known stands benefit from a high footfall and whisky-fueled revelers from the city’s bars and pubs. The dogs aren’t anything special, but you’re not going to care when you order.

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