Dublin: Free Morning Newspapers À Go-Go


photograph courtesy of  Matthew S.
photograph courtesy of Matthew S.

The Irish call Ireland the Rip-Off Republic. With soaring prices, in addition to a 21% Value Added Tax added to most consumer items, it can certainly seem like value for money is an outdated concept in modern Dublin.

At least when it comes to the morning papers there are still deals to be had.

Metro, a free morning paper distributed all over the city, is published jointly by Associated Newspapers, Metro International, and the Irish Times. This full color, forty-page spread summarizes local news, entertaining international news, celebrity gossip, sports reporting, media reviews, local television schedule, and up-coming local gigs. Just about a year and a half after its debut, Metro now circulates about 75,000 copies all over the city.

Not to be caught short, Independent News and Media also publishes its own free morning paper, the Herald AM, which covers much the same topics.

While publishers fight to corner the free morning paper market, it’s the sleepy consumer who wins. Representatives from both papers stand side-by-side at high-volume commuting points, including as Grafton Street, Leeson Street, and O’Connell Street. Even if you can barely open your eyes in the morning, all you have to do is stick out your hand to grab your free morning paper.


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