Dublin: Free O’Keefe at Irish Museum of Modern Art

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A sugar magnolia we think of as an ode to O’Keeffe
Photograph by Amelia PS

Until May 13, 2007, Georgia O’Keefe: Nature and Abstraction will be on display at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Like most Irish museum exhibits, the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition is absolutely free to visitors.

Presented in association with The Irish Times, this O’Keefe exhibition will next travel to the Vancouver Art Gallery in Canada. The exhibition consists of 30 works completed between 1918 and 1977. It includes landscapes, flower pictures, and abstract art.

O’Keefe’s paintings have always been viewed as richly erotic—see the ode to O’Keefe above—and this O’Keeffe exhibition may be just the place for a romantic rendezvous. Hopefully, giggling school children won’t be in attendance.

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