How to find affordable theater tickets in Dublin


Dublin's Gaiety Theater
Reasonably priced seats at Dublin's lovely Gaiety Theatre. Photo: Ilja

by Jessica Colley—

In the Irish capital city, theater tickets can cost the same as a few pints of Guinness. Despite the fact that Dublin is one of the literary capitals in the English-speaking world, theater tickets have remained affordable across the board. With a long tradition of story-telling and good humor, it should come as no surprise that the pleasure of attending theater is accessible to the masses.

Whether you want to watch the curtain go up at the National Theatre of Ireland (the Abbey Theatre) or one of the more experimental theaters in town, tickets rarely cross the €30 mark.

1. The Abbey Theatre – The National Theatre of Ireland
26 Lower Abbey Street
Tel: +353 (1) 878 7222
Web site

Tickets: €20 – €25. Cheapo tickets on weekdays and weekend matinees.

Founded by poet WB Yeats, the Abbey Theatre is a source of national pride. Everything from Shakespeare to the latest productions from famous Irish playwrights such as Conor McPherson takes the stage here. It is possible to purchase your tickets before your trip on the Web site of the Abbey Theatre (no pesky Ticketmaster fees apply) and you can even pick your seat by previewing the stage from different vantage points.

2. The Peacock
26 Lower Abbey Street
Tel: +353 (1) 878 7222
Web site

Tickets: €18 – €25. Cheapo tickets on weekdays, previews and weekend matinees.

Beneath the grand Abbey Theatre is a grittier stage–the Peacock Stage. What was once a practice stage for the large theater upstairs has now evolved into its own personality. The capacity is much smaller in the Peacock, promising a more intimate experience. Expect productions here to be more experimental. This fact along with an atmospheric bar for drinks at intermission attracts a younger crowd than the Abbey.

3. The Gate Theatre
Cavendish Row, Parnell Square
Tel: +353 (1) 874 4045
Web site

Tickets: €20 – €30. Cheapos should avoid Saturday nights – ticket prices are higher.

The historic Gate Theatre is the kind of civilized place where you sip tea at intermission instead of a glass of wine. Be sure to arrive early to take in the physical beauty of the theater before the production begins. What you will see on stage can be unpredictable. The Gate keeps things fresh by featuring everything from Irish classics such as plays by Samuel Beckett to the latest hot play from New York, such as Tony award-winning “God of Carnage.”

4. Gaiety Theatre
South King Street
Tel: +353 (1) 677 1717
Web site

Tickets: €15 – €35. Cheapo tickets on weekdays, previews and weekend matinees.

The Gaiety Theatre is what many travelers envision as a classic European theater. Red velvet seats and private balconies give this theater an aura of sophistication–yet tickets are still reasonably priced. Purchase your tickets at the box office to avoid pricey Ticketmaster fees. The quality on this stage can vary. Everything from ballet to Oscar Wilde classics to plays intended for children are on the annual program. Choose wisely to avoid disappointment.

Smaller Theatres

The Temple Bar district, known for pubs and street performers, is also home to a couple of small, experimental theaters. At the Project Arts Centre (39 East Essex Street) or the New Theater (43 East Essex Street) you could see a performance for as little as €10.

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  1. Linda Pellegrino

    I want to try to score half-priced tickets for the shows at the Royal Opera House. I am disabled. I also know someone in the UK who is a senior.

    Do any of these categories qualify me or my friend to a discount seat to an opera or ballet at the ROH?

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