Dublin: One City, One Book

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Moody Dublin’s good for books
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Every April, the Dublin City Council asks Dublin residents to read a book and spend the month discussing it. Though this might sound more like a homework assignment than a leisure activity, the free activities and exhibitions that the Council promotes throughout the month provide a nice pay-off.

The April 2007 pick for the One City, One Book program is Sebastian Barry’s A Long, Long Way. This novel of Ireland and the First World War is widely regarded as an historical masterpiece.

Cultural events and activities in April include dramatic readings, lectures, and the opportunity to meet the author himself. All events are free, though tickets are required for some events—and showing up early to avoid disappointment is a must. So get to your chosen locations early to avoid traveling a long, long way for nothing.

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One thought on “Dublin: One City, One Book”

  1. How great. I can’t imagine any American city a) recommending that people read and b) doing it without ruining it with commerical interests. Go Eire!


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