Scrumptious Suppers at The Bistro in Dublin


Photograph courtesy of David G Kelly
Photograph courtesy of David G Kelly

If a Dubliner tells you that he’s heading to “the bistro” for dinner, he’s not trying to be vague. He’s actually going to one of the most affordable and delicious fine dining establishments in the city.

The Bistro, located at 4/5 Castle Market in Dublin 2, is an intimate family run restaurant catering to locals and tourists alike. A bustling work crowd piles in for weekday lunches while beautiful people (and their children) hang out there for brunch on Sundays. In the evening, a varied crowd dines.

Unlike most Dublin dinners, an evening at The Bistro can be surprisingly affordable. Starters (appetizers) abound for under €10 and main courses can come in under €20, even less if you are lucky. A dinner for two (excluding drinks) for under €50 in a fine, friendly atmosphere? Unheard of in Dublin, unless it’s The Bistro.

Call for a reservation (though make sure to ask for a booking) so that you don’t miss out on a true Bistro table the next time you’re in Dublin.

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