Dublin: Unitarian Church, Free Wednesday Meditation

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Photo by ard_an_ri
Photo by ard_an_ri

Holy Catholic Ireland may still be the stereotype, but in truth Dublin has become as multicultural and diverse—and in many cases more so—than other European capitals. This diversity extends to spirituality.

The Unitarian Church at St. Stephen’s Green has seen a booming increase in its membership in recent years. This surge is against the demographic odds. While church attendance in general has decreased in Ireland, the Unitarian Church continues to attract larger and larger crowds.

The Unitarian Church sponsors free concerts and lectures. Its real ace in the hole, however, is the free meditation service it conducts every Wednesday at 1 p.m. For about a half hour, attendees are led through a totally free meditation practice that leaves them relaxed and ready to once again fight the city rush.

Though the meditation service takes place in the church, it is not based on religious beliefs, and neither does it include religious references. Everyone is welcome to attend, and input and opinions from attendees are actively solicited.

Dublin’s stressed-out lab rats, overworked office workers, and tourists in need of a time-out all flock to this free meditation service.

The Unitarian Church is located at 2 St. Stephen’s Green West in Dublin. Telephone: +353 1 478 0638.

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