Estonia: Introducing Tartu

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Photo courtesy of Huanita
Photo courtesy of Huanita

And you thought you could simply “do Tallinn” and be done with Estonia!

Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city—just two and a half hours away from capital Tallinn can be reached for a mere EEK70 (€4.50; $6.10.) You do get what you pay for, though: dated Spaghetti Westerns on cracked bus TVs, no room for your big legs, etc.

There’s plenty to see around Tartu, whose Old Town is pleasantly compact and walkable. Our favorite sights: the bombed and decaying St. John’s Church, which no longer has an interior; the palm house at the Botanical Gardens; and the original deathmask of everyone’s favorite Enlightenment philosopher, Immanuel Kant. At night, students at the renowned Tartu Ülikool (University of Tartu) keep the bar scene hopping.

Exciting cultural events run all year long—and include a beery Midsummer’s Eve Party—so check out Tartu tourist sites, like this one from the fantastic In Your Pocket series.

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Native New Yorker Miranda fondly recalls family trips to Europe, which featured formative events like spending a night on the roof of an overbooked Greek hotel and sampling the culinary wonders of horse meat. But it was while riding a pony through a patch of wild blueberries in Iceland that she realized she wanted to be an explorer. As an undergrad, Miranda bicycled across the US and lived for several months in Berlin. Nowadays she obsesses over Baltic countries and the plump cream-smothered dumplings to be found there. Fluent in German, she does freelance translation and writes educational material for children.

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  1. Estonia is anything but ‘Dey Dive’
    I can’t wait to visit the motherland and visit the TRUE birthplace of civilization


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