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photograph courtesy of falldownstumble
photograph courtesy of falldownstumble

Break out your old travel journal and get ready to school a new generation of budget travelers. Eurocheapo’s dreadlock-sporting, rucksack-toting, acoustic guitar-playing sibling is scheduled for relaunch.

But don’t go calling EuropeanHostels the kid sister of the Over There Interactive family. Editor Tom Meyers cut his teeth on EH 7 years ago while living in Berlin, back when Eurocheapo was just a zygote of an idea. Now, both editorial staffs reside in the same office, fighting for turf in a manner akin to a West Side Story showdown.

Step off my train schedule, fool. 5-6-7-8…Nah, not really.

Expect a vastly improved EuropeanHostels this coming spring: expanded listings, increased functionality, and new features like user reviews and discussion forums.

You’ll come for the comprehensive cheap sleep listings but you’ll end up staying for the shoestring fiesta. Or else.

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TJ developed a taste for travel while living (and ostensibly) studying in Rome. He soon began catching bargain-basement Ryanair flights to various European destinations, where he would immediately scope out the dodgiest bar upon arrival. (He also saw some art along the way.) After returning to SUNY Albany, he developed an independent study in travel writing, which was mostly an excuse to drive cross-country. The 7200 mile trip, made in 11 days with two friends in a very small red car, culminated in a collection of essays called MOVE!, which he describes as incredibly self-indulgent and quite un-publishable. After moving to Manhattan, he found his way to EuroCheapo and has spent most of his time writing reviews for the New York City listings.

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