Eurostar Sale: 39 euro tickets from Paris – London, for late 2012 travel

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Save big on Eurostar fall travel if you book before September 21, 2012.
Save big on Eurostar fall travel if you book before September 21, 2012.

Planning to speed through the Channel tunnel this fall or winter? Well, Cheapos, take note: Eurostar, the high-speed train connecting London, Paris and Brussels, has announced a Fall/Winter 2012 sale with second-class seats going for €39.50, one way.

The deal

* Travel between September 20 and December 19, 2012.

* Book your seats before September 21, 2012.

* One-way sale fare: €39.50.


We tested out the deal and sure, enough, found sale fares available for all of the Eurostar trains we searched.

Note: This sale fare is available on the SNCF Web site, which is in French. For those who don’t speak French, we offer this overview of booking a ticket, in French, on the SNCF site. Don’t want to deal with French? Keep reading…

Slightly higher fares on the Eurostar Web site.

Our test

On the SNCF site, we tested with an 8:43 a.m. Eurostar on October 17, from Paris to London, returning on October 24 at 2:01 p.m. One-way fares were €39.50 ($50 USD). Total price: €79 ($100 USD).

For readers not up for the French challenge, similar, although slightly more expensive fares are offered, in English, on the Eurostar Web site. The same trains are available for $57 USD, with the round-trip totaling $114 USD.

The verdict

Given that standard one-way fares on the Eurostar start at €50, this is a solid deal, even if you book in English on the Eurostar Web site.

If you were planning on taking the Eurostar this fall or early winter, book your seats now before the sale ends.

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7 thoughts on “Eurostar Sale: 39 euro tickets from Paris – London, for late 2012 travel”

  1. What makes this an even better deal is that in many cases, cheap flights can be found in/out of London. By being able to use the Eurostar so inexpensively, it makes flying into London a better option.

    For instance, I was in Dublin and needed to get to Paris last week. The flight I wanted from DUB to CDG was about $200 but I could get a DUB->LHR on a budget airline for about $75. Add on 39 euro (about $50) and now it becomes a better deal.

  2. what I think is that Eurostar is offering the same price 39 pound from London to Paris one way is already available from so many days…

    Last week, I heard about Eurostar’s 10 pound discount on bookings by 15 sept. Now, this would be a huge discount for travelers.

    You can also add this offer on your post to just let the people know about this cheapest journey as a big deal to Paris and Brussels.


  3. I think €79 return is the normal return for a journey booked 6 to 12 weeks before travel date. That is true of Paris-Londres and Bruxelles-Londres. I do not think this is a special offer, but just a regular reminder from Eurostar of what good value their fares are.

    1. Hi Duncan,

      Thanks for your comment. According to this page on the Eurostar Web site, the normal return fare is €88. I can’t quite tell what the normal fare is if purchased through the SNCF.

      Let us know if you can shine any light on this. Thanks!

  4. Standard one way fares are actually £39 – booking in euros on SNCF will save you about 8 quid at current exchange rates (assuming you gave a card which doesn’t charge you for currency exchange). The post gets this right in the main body of the text do why is a hugely inflated fare given in the verdict section?

    1. Thanks for the correction, Jane. The fare was based on a search for a ticket for next week. It was hard to find the non-sale fares, and I couldn’t see fares for more than three months from now.

      I’ve corrected the “verdict” to reflect the fares provided on the Eurostar Web site. Thanks!


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