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Wideroe Plane Norway
With Widerøe's Explore Norway Ticket, you'll be touching down in some remote and beautiful locations. Photo: andreas.aulin.

For those who like aviation with a dash of flair, the Norwegian airline Widerøe is this year again offering its summer air pass. The Explore Norway Ticket is simply one of the best deals around. It offers unlimited travel between 43 airports in Norway as well as connecting flights to and from Norway on Widerøe’s international routes — there are just six of the latter providing direct links to Norway from cities in England, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden.

A mix of landscapes

Even if you don’t use the Explore Norway Ticket for your travel to and from Norway, the pass is still a fabulous deal for travelers intent on covering a lot of miles within the country. Widerøe divides the country into three zones, and you can opt for a pass valid in one, two or all three zones. Take your pick from fjord coasts, chic cities, the barren north or isolated offshore islands.

Widerøe offers some quite remarkable multi-stop schedules. You might want to try the early morning flight from Tromsø to Kirkenes. On some days of the week this summer, this flight (WF930) makes six intermediate stops along the way. That’s a record for fixed-wing flight itineraries within Europe.

An antidote to jet travel

Flying with Widerøe is a world apart from making city-to-city hops on big jets. Put at its simplest, flying with Widerøe is fun. The airline’s fleet of twin-engine turboprops serve remote airstrips where local communities rely upon air services for a link with the wider world. The carrier offers many multi-stop itineraries where a window seat offers grandstand opportunities for sightseeing. The fleet is entirely Dash 8 aircraft. The high wings make these planes ideal for sightseeing. And they are well suited to Widerøe’s network of small airports, many of which have unusually short runways.

Fly for a fortnight from 375 euros

A one-zone pass valid for two weeks (including free international flights if required) costs €375. A three-week pass for all of Norway (and those international flights too) is €770. There are no extras. No taxes, fees and surcharges.

The small print

You must specify your first flight at the time of booking the Explore Norway Ticket and that cannot be changed. Beyond that you have complete flexibility, flying as often as you wish within the validity of your pass. Of course you can book well in advance, and that is advisable on flights to and from the main tourist hubs. But if space is still available on a flight, you can book up to just two hours before departure.

Widerøe offer this amazing deal for a short season each summer. This year passes are valid from June 19th through August 27th.

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