Festival Fever in France

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Take a look at the roll call of upcoming festivals in France.

Aside from the Cannes Film Festival, this week there is La Fete du Pain, or Bread Festival. On Saturday May 19, La Fete de la Nature will be held. Then, on May 29, there is a festival for neighbors, called Immeubles en Fete. La Fete du Velo, bike festival, is scheduled for the weekend of June 2 and 3. La Fete de la Musique runs all night on June 21. And don’t forget Veggie Pride on May 19 and Beef Festival on July 8.

“Why so many festivals?” asked Le Monde this week. “These celebrations reflect a need to recreate a sense of community and to compensate for the excesses of individualism. In a sense, the presidential campaign—which saw an unprecedented number of people flocking to the meetings and rallies—was itself an illustration of this keen interest in collective rituals.”

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