Flash2: Jet2′s Newcastle-Gatwick Route

Photograph by Jet2
Photograph by Jet2

Jet2 has just announced a Newcastle-Gatwick route, with one-way fares (including taxes!) starting at £26.99. Jet2′s decision to launch this route was driven by the recent abandonment of said stretch by British Airways, and the airline is operating three flights a day in both directions.

Best of all, when we tried to price the route, we came up with lots and lots of £29.99 one-way fares. This suggests to us that while the lowest fare may be limited, fares nearly as cheap are plentiful.

Note the special Newcastle-Gatwick craft above, which takes the low-cost airline strategy of assigning every last square centimeter of space to advertising to a new level. For some reason, when it comes to scrappy Jet2, we don’t quite mind…

Note: This post was accurate as of press time.

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2 Responses to “Flash2: Jet2′s Newcastle-Gatwick Route”
  • George Jewitt says:

    I have read this information regarding flights from Newcastle to Gatwick on a number of sites
    So how com Jet2 doesnt know nothing about them and they are not published on any of their sites. I rang up Jet2 at .50p per minute and they catogoricaly denied this route was even concidered.???????

  • Meredith Franco Meyers Meredith Franco says:

    This post was accurate as of press time. And, we’re not quite sure why Jet2 would deny it or say it wasn’t considered. We’ll let you know if we learn anything new. Thanks for your interest in our blog.

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