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The San Lorenzo market in Florence. Photo by Madame's Travels
The San Lorenzo market in Florence. Photo by Madame's Travels

Florence is a hot spot for fashion, but that doesn’t mean tourists have to pay high prices for ready-to-wear souvenirs. In fact, quality clothing and accessories can be found for only a few euros at a number of outdoor markets in Florence.

Fashion in the streets of Firenze

The outdoor Mercato Nuovo, the “Straw Market,” buzzes daily beneath a gorgeous multi-block loggia in central Florence. These vendors sell high-quality leather items, straw bags and hats, scarves, and wallets (not to mention those mini-David statuettes and cooking aprons!). We suggest smaller, cheaper, and easy-to-pack items. The Mercato Nuovo is located at the intersection of Via Calimala and Via Porta Rossa.

Less picturesque, the outdoor market at San Lorenzo is an easier place to haggle with sellers. Expect crowds, barking vendors, the smell of leather, and a mix of quality and shoddy goods. This market is popular with tourists, locals, and pickpockets, so keep a watchful eye.

While you’re at it…

Take home some Italian shopping bags. A regular old plastic bag transforms into a high-class fashion statement when “Firenze” is stamped across it.

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  1. The “mercato nuovo” is best known as the “mercato del Porcellino”, taking its name from the wild boar bronze statue situated on the side of the loggia. If you ask for directions to the Mercato Nuovo no one will understand where you want to go. I’ve lived in Florence for all my life and like any other florentine I consider this market as a place for tourist. Certainly the location is quite pictoresque, but sadly the goods are mainly made in the far east, and it’s not cheap at all. You can get better quality and price from the artisans in the city center. Moreover I’m sorry to say it’s not “fashionable” at all!


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