Florence: Cheap Cocktails with Style


Getting a drink in Florence
Photo by ale2000

From the team that brought Florence Angels, the perennially hip bar and restaurant, comes Doris, a slick black and chrome nightclub that opened last week and already has the lovelies lined up around the block.

While after-dinner cocktails could run you into the double digits, the 7-10 PM aperitivo costs only €7 and includes the bar’s massive, fresh pasta-rific, buffet. It’s a Cheapo-friendly way way to get stylin’, a la Firenze. (We must add that the djs in the ladies room made us flush with joy.)

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Annie Shapero was born and raised in the cosmopolitan oasis of Columbia, Missouri. A call to the big city brought her to Chicago, where she pursued a degree at DePaul University's theatre conservatory. Four years of "rigorous, professional" training and a minor in Italian language led her to her next destination: Rome, a city of natural born tragedians with a flair for comedy. There she put her dreams of Broadway stardom on hold and took up a wild series of careers (including "marketing strategist" for an edible Egyptian insecticide). Eventually, she found her niche: writing for "WHERE Magazine Rome." When not in Rome, Annie hops about the Mediterranean, indulging in the local gastronomic and dance traditions. Ole´!

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