France: SNCF Offers Carbon Emissions Calculator

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Photo by darth roland
Photo by darth roland

Increasing numbers of travellers have opted to factor in carbon emissions as a key consideration in making a decision on how to get from A to B.

Thanks to SNCF Travel, you can weigh the costs of three modes of transport—car, train and air—with the Ecocomparateur, a tool launched late last year. For example, we typed in Paris-Berlin and found that a 12 and a half hour train trip would generate 31 kg of carbon emissions compared with the 152 kg produced in this case €152 for the train fare and €566 for the regular flight.

Air France has sought, so far without success, to snuff out the Ecocomparateur on the grounds that some of the figures it spits out are inaccurate.

At any rate, the effort is part of the SNCF’s drive to embrace sustainable tourism. Next month, employees will appear in a snazzy new uniform designed by Christian Lacroix. The traditional gray background of the uniforms will be enlivened with flashes of violet, red and green. What’s more, the textiles themselves are sourced from fair trade suppliers.

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