Free Classical Music Concerts in Paris

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Classical music Paris
You can easily stumble upon free classical music concerts in Paris. Photo: Riccardof

One of the most romantic cheap dates in Paris is a free classical music concert at one of the city’s atmospheric venues.

And while there is an embarrassment of choice for free classical concerts throughout the year in churches and other venues, the end of summer in Paris offers a few more weeks of free entertainment for those in search of a civilized cheap date.

Until August 30, nightly free 6 pm concerts in the courtyard of the Hôtel d’Albret in the Marais, a historic monument and the headquarters of the city of Paris’ cultural affairs division, offer an alternating program of classical, jazz and vocals.

Also in the Marais until August 29 at the Eglise des Billettes, free nightly concerts at 9:30 pm offer instrumental and vocals.

Until September 15, the Classique au Vert festival taking place outdoors on weekend afternoons at the Parc Floral offers an international program of guest performers in the Japanese-inspired park setting.

For more information about scoring free or cheap classical tickets, see our previous post here.

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