“NFT London” Giveaway: Share your best London budget tip and win a book!

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not-for-tourists-londonWe love London. We love to stroll through Borough Market; we love to browse through antique doodads on Portobello Road; we love the many gardens and plentiful greenery; and we certainly love a good Sunday roast.

But if there’s one thing about London we wouldn’t mind changing, it’s the cost. Alas, the city that brought us J.M. Barrie and Virginia Woolf can also bring prohibitively high prices to travelers who don’t mind the wallet gap.

But fear not, Cheapos, there are many ways to save during your next trip to London. We’ve included many within our London city guide, but also want to hear about your budget tips for saving pounds.

How do you do London on the cheap?

Do you have a favorite, Cheapo way to get into the city from Heathrow? Do you have special tips for where to eat, drink, and be merry? Are there particular discounts you’ve used in the past you’d like to share?

Leave a great tip… and win an “NFT London”!

Share your best London budget tip in the comments field. It can be about food, transportation, cheap sleeps, going out, or anything else! As a special incentive, we’ll select our three favorite tips to receive a copy of the newly-released “Not For Tourists Guide to London 2010” to take with you on your next visit!

Good luck, Cheapos. Now talk to us!

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About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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19 thoughts on ““NFT London” Giveaway: Share your best London budget tip and win a book!”

  1. A day or two to see London sights? Do some web research on yourinterests, then in London pick up a map of the central London bus routes and stop at a newsagent’s to purchase a bus pass for (a couple of years ago, I’ll admit) a measly three pounds! You can spend the day riding, hopping on/off wherever strikes your fancy, even get lost — no major problem; the natives are incredibly helpful or you can figure it from your map. I LOVE just to ride aimlessly and find my heart stopping at one famous sight after another, all unannounced and quietly creeping up on you!

  2. Want an eagle’s eye view like that to rival the view you get from the top of St. Paul’s dome? Try “The Monument” instead. For 3 pounds, you get a great view of the Tower Bridge, the banks of the Thames, and 200 less stairs to climb with nearly as great a view! Plus, they give you a nifty certificate when you leave for making it all the way to the top. The Monument is easily accessible from The Monument stop on the tube and it is a monument built by Wren to the fire of 1666.

  3. My absolutely favorite thing to do in London for free is to go to the Evensong at Westminster abbey. It is at 4 pm and you go to the back gate where everyone exits. Tell them you are there for the evensong service and they will escort you in for free. It is AMAZING! The young boys singing in their ruffly collars, the monotone prayer, the silence in this fantastic place. I would practically come back to London just for this!

  4. Never take a cab from Heathrow… the tube goes directly to the terminals and is only a short walk from arrivals or to departures (piccadilly line)

    Buy an oyster card or a weekly travel card – day passes are not worth the spend. Oyster is the cheapest way to go if you will be there for more than a week or are planning on returning

    fresh produce and prepared foods at the london supermarkets are delicious and affordable. Pop into Tesco and you’ll have a ton of yummy meals to choose from that you can take to one of the many gorgegous parks or squares around London (my favourites being Chelsea Physic Garden and St. James Park)

    The John Soane Museum is one of the best in London and it’s absolutely free (www.soane.org)

  5. London..London…How shalt I speak of it’s lovely secrets…Hmmm.

    !st) Think Market / Grocery Store for nice loaf of bread and cheese to fill you up while you wait patiently for museum and theater lines to move–somewhere! Being a starving artist (note: currently betwEEn jobs in need of amusement)–I suggest going to Harolds (that expensive place where Lady D’s boyfriend owned or something like that)..Harolds–You Say?? Yes–think SAMPLES–samples! It’s a big place and you could spend the entire day eating samples for brunch, Lunch, & dinner and still have room for chocolates–Yes! Sweets!
    Try to weekly markets. Prices are good and it’s a lot of fun! REally!
    If you are student. Your hostel pass should get your half price tickets to a lot of event and museums.

    What I love the most about London are all the small courtyards / gardens tucked away in the most unlikely places. Lunch is best spent sitting on a bench watching the old couples walk by as you scope out the architecture. Pubs are always good for cheap lunches or dinners. But avoid the theater district–too expensive.

    My best advice is to get lost. Not too lost! But, lost enough to make a game out of it. Most of the time you end up meeting strangers who make the whole trip with doing. Of course, listen to your gut and mind the gap.

  6. @Gabe Victor: And buses work 24 hours…
    @Jkiel: Borough Market is my favourite place…

    I can actually tell you that the best mojito in London is in “Exit” at Brick Lane. So you can go for good curry and a drink. If you are into britpop you should definitely check out Berwick st… Try to come heading south from Oxford st so you can identify the street that was the cover of Oasis “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”… Also the cover of the “Best Of” from Blur is at the National Portrait gallery. Which is free… And not too far from Berwick! On the way you’ll find Tin Pan Alley (Denmark st)…

    If you wanna see the place where The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” was filmed you’ll have to go to Hoxton (Old Street tube station) and walk heading north on the east side of Hoxton st from Falkirk Street…

  7. Pizza Hut! When we were in London last winter we were always on the hunt for a cheapo meal. It seemed there was a Pizza Hut on every corner with a lunchtime special of 6 pound all you can buffet pizza, pasta and salad with a glass on wine – spectacular for filling up before heading off again.

  8. My tip is to go to a local market and get various foodstuffs to make lunch, rather than pay restaurant prices… but I admit it’s been a long time since I was in London!

  9. We visited last fall and found some good theater tickets at Leicester Square when you can buy tickets for half-price. I know everyone knows about this, but my tip is to make sure you go to the real half-price booth and not to one of the “discount” ticket offices around the square. They’ll rip you off!

  10. Being cheap in London is hard! My tip would be to only visit museums with free admission–and there are lots in London.

  11. If you’re going short distances, use London buses instead of the tube. Yeah, the routes can be tough to initially understand, but they’re more enjoyable to ride.

  12. Don’t fall victim to paying extra to attend “social clubs” that stay open after midnight. They’re total rip offs and if you ask around you can get tips for other venues that are more fun and cost less.


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