Bratislava: Free historic visits at Bratislava Castle

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Bratislava Castle

Bratislava, thankfully for us Cheapos, is a pretty reasonable city.  Most museums here do charge an entrance fee, of which the average cost is SKK80 (just over $4).

But, one of Bratislava’s national treasures is free and open to the public every day except for holidays and Mondays.

Bratislava Castle sits high on a hill. It’s a national landmark you simply can’t miss, visually or otherwise. The castle itself probably dates back to the 9th-Century and was first inhabited by the Celts. It’s known for the four, massive towers at each of its corners; these giants seem to dot the sky with importance.

Today, the Castle houses the Museum of History – an impressive collection of art, artifacts, and architectural marvels – all under the umbrella of the Slovak National Museum. Exhibits at the Castle include art and sculpture by Slovaks, venues exploring Slovakian culture’s reach across Europe, and lots of military objects, ceramics, and items of folklore. Note: From time to time, some exhibits do charge a nominal admission fee, typically SKK60 (about $3).

To visit the grand collection and see parts of the old castle, pick up a free ticket, available at the visitor’s center on the premises.

Note: Much of the Castle will be undergoing planned renovation from 2008-2011. While the castle doesn’t have its own web site, you can check for more details via the Slovak National Museum page, where you can also learn more about the current exhibitions that open to the public.

Join us again tomorrow, Cheapos, for more free tips. Next stop? Brussels!

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