Round-Up: Cheap Eats and the Best Hotel Bathroom

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It sure feels like the travel blogging community has officially shaken off the winter doldrums and is back in the saddle. Our RSS readers are stacked full of interesting, quirky, and occassionally weird travel tales from around the globe.

So without any further ado, here are a few of our favorites to start off your weekend:

Looking for cheap but delicious souvenirs for your foodie friends back home?’s post on food gifts from Paris had our mouths watering from the start. Mmmm… cheeeeeeeese…

Speaking of Paris, has anyone tried to rent a Velib bike but been declined because you’re using an American credit card? If so, don’t fret, for the NY Times Travel Q & A blog has the answer. Hint: keep trying.

Ever wish you didn’t drink that $7.50 bottle of Evian from your hotel mini-bar? HotelChatter’s “Hotel Room Confessions” series has a few suggestions for side-stepping the bill. (Yes, we know many Cheapos out there are scoffing at the very THOUGHT of a hotel room with a mini-bar!)

Perceptive Travel’s post on the ‘wichcraft sandwich kiosk in New York’s Bryant Park has us already dreaming about lunchtime. Too bad it’s so cold out, otherwise we’d walk on up to try it out!

For our fellow bloggers out there, we recommend this post from British pal Alex Bainbridge on “the case for and against gimmicks on travel websites.” Go Alex!

Over at USA Today’s Hotel Hotsheet blog, there’s a call for nominations for favorite hotel bathrooms as part of an annual competition. This brings to mind several shared restroom in hostels we’ve visited that will most certainly not make the list.

…and lastly, next Thursday, Feb 26th we’re hosting a “Farewell Winter” party at our office in New York. Send us an email if you’re interested in joining us, but hurry because space is limited!

Happy weekend, Cheapos!

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About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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