Friday the 13th: Where are you going?

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Bad luck can dirty your shoes any day of the week in Paris.
Bad luck can dirty your shoes any day of the week in Paris.

Cause for celebration or screams?

Did you know that many airlines won’t book seat #13 on seemingly spooky days like Friday the 13th? The same goes for hotels, where the staff conveniently makes sure room #13 is vacant.

Sure, to us it sounds like the plot of a cheesy Stephen King film, maybe starring John Cusack, but according to a London Times survey, many people do opt out of travel when this famous prime number just happens to fall on a Friday.

No fear

Well, superstitions be gone! These inclings have never stopped the Cheapos (cue flashy music!), which brings us to the above photo. Let’s face it, you can accidentally step in dog poop any day of the week in Paris. Bad luck happens no matter what day it is.

What do we do on Friday the 13th? Later today, Tom, our fearless ed-in-chief, embarks for Los Angeles, where he’ll attend the LA Times Travel Show and be featured in a panel Sunday afternoon. Go Tom!

Another Cheapo is traveling through South Carolina, soaking up sun, and sampling the real culinary delights of easy, breezy beachside livin’.

If we needed inspiration, we’d take some from New Zealand, where a group of people jump out of planes on Friday the 13th. Take that superstition!

Just Jason

Finally, when it comes to trying to remove the stigma attached to 13, we’re not the first who have tried. Check out this brief history of Friday the 13th, put together by TIME magazine.

Today, too, a new Friday the 13th movie hits theaters. We can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day gift than offering your loved one a ticket to Jason’s rage. Here’s a spookily mixed review. Alas, we know one Cheapo who might just head out tonight and see it.

Have a great weekend, Cheapos, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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One thought on “Friday the 13th: Where are you going?”

  1. Good read!

    We have never noticed a dip for hotels in and around Friday the 13th.

    To be honest Id never really thought about it but I guess there are people out there that would choose not to fly on a Friday if it happened to fall on the 13th day of the month.

    I will monitor it closely leading up to the next Friday the 13th!

    I agree however that price rules and Im sure people would quickly get over there fears if the right deal came along!


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