Germany: Ashes, Diamonds, It’s All Relative

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Photo by David Dee
Photo by David Dee

If they can be pressed into diamonds, ashes are a girl’s best friend.

A 19-year old German woman wanted to have her father’s ashes pressed into a synthetic diamond, but Wiesbaden district courts ruled against her Tuesday in favor of her grandmother. (She hates me. She’s always hated me.)

The court heard the daughter of the deceased express a wish to send the ashes to Switzerland to be turned into a “memorial” diamond. “However, she could not provide sufficient evidence to prove her father wanted to be pressed into a diamond,” the court in western Germany said, according to Reuters. (He totally did so tell me that he wanted to be turned into a diamond!)

The diamond making process subjects ashes to intense heat to produce graphite which is then pressed to produce a raw crystal that is then polished and cut into a synthetic diamond. Check it out.

(It’s, like, so unfair. Those ashes are mine, I tell you. MINE!)

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